Customer portal

When you book our POS modules, you get access to your personal customer portal as well as your own website.

Here is a quick guide to the PlusTools customer portal:


Please copy and paste the following link into the address bar of your browser: and confirm with Enter!

On the homepage of the PlusTools customer portal, log in by entering your Lekkerland customer number and the default password from the e-mail.

If you are not yet a Lekkerland customer and are interested in the PlusTools programme, please click here to contact us.

Please change the default password straight away on your first visit to the customer portal. Create a new, sufficiently strong password that only you know and commit it to memory. The default password will no longer work for your next visit.
However, you have the option of using the I forgot my password function at any time.


The portal’s main navigation bar is located at the top of the screen. Clicking on Customer portal will always take you back to the homepage.


Under the menu item View my location page, you will find your personal digital presence that we created for you in the scope of the PlusTools programme and that people can use to find you online


Under the menu item Edit my location data, you have the option of editing the following at any time:

  • Your primary data (name, address, e-mail address, password)
  • Your opening times and special opening times
  • Your products and services and
  • Your business photos


Under the menu item My statistics, you can find the following information*:

  • How often have search queries led to your Google hit and your website?
  • What did customers do after you were found?
  • Which days of the week have the highest search volume?
  • What reviews have customers left about you?


* Only possible with positive Google Business Profile Connect


Under the menu point Download my banners, you can find the banners that we design and place for your website per module booked. They are available for you to download, for instance to put on social media.c.


By clicking on the button Log out, you end your session in the PlusTools customer portal.

You can find a summarised form of this guide here!