Google Business Profile.

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Convince yourself of the advantages of Google Business Profile now:
Google Business Profile increases your visibility and lets people find you online.

  • We make you visible for customers online. Whenever they are in your area.
    Without additional costs.
  • We give your offers a platform. Whenever your customers are looking for them.
  • We put you on the digital map – optimised for search engines and with your own website.
  • Be quick to find locally – with a business profile on Google Business Profile
    and map listings on Google Maps and Apple Maps.
  • Plus you can see which search queries led customers to you using statistics in your
    personal customer portal.
  • Benefit from all new functions and additions – completely automatically.

This is what it looks like in a Google search:

  • The search results, including your website, are displayed on the left
  • Your Google “business card” is on the right

Important note:

To participate in the PlusTools programme and for the creation of your personal website, our service provider creates a Google Business Profile for your business. This is a free company profile on Google which lets you easily reach lots of new customers on Google Maps or via Google search.
If you have already created a GBP profile yourself privately, we would be very happy if you would consent to creating a link to that profile. By creating a link to the existing GBP profile, the benefits of the PlusTools programme can be utilised in full.

You will get an e-mail request from our service provider.
OMfire! GmbH | Herr Thorsten Loth | Falkstraße 73 - 77 | 47058 Duisburg | Germany
This request is legitimate and allows you to consent to the link. You can find more information in the e-mail.