PlusTools Onboarding

After concluding the contract, you will receive an e-mail with a link from us.
This link will take you to the registration for the digital service package. This step is necessary so that your website has relevant information such as opening times,
a photo of your business, telephone numbers and offers.

You can also consent to the Google Business Profile there and use all the benefits of the PlusTools programme.

Here’s how easy it is:


In the e-mail, click on the link to your personal activation page or copy and paste the link into the address bar of your browser and confirm with enter!

The process comprises 4 steps which you have to proceed through similarly to when placing an online order. You can go back to the previous step at any time if you would like to change anything.



Then at the bottom of the screen,
select one of the options for how you would like to use your digital presence.

Short explanations of the individual options:

Option 1:
Select this option if you would like to have a PlusTools website and do not yet have your own profile with Google Business Profile. In this case, we will create you a profile in the scope of the PlusTools programme.

Option 2:
Select this option if you would like to have a PlusTools website created but already have your own website and a profile with Google Business Profile. In this case, we will send you a request via e-mail to create a link to your existing listing. Please confirm the link by clicking “Accept”.

Option 3:
We do not recommend this option, because we cannot provide an optimal result here.
Click on Next to continue to the second step.


In this step, we ask you to enter or select additional details about your business.

Name of the business:
Please enter the complete, correct name. Please bear in mind that this name will appear on your website and on all advertising material.
As such, we recommend that you enter the name that is known to your customers.


Your business photo:
Here you have the option of uploading a current photo. Please note that the photo must be of a certain quality so that it is displayed perfectly.
Only one photo can be uploaded.

Tip: An up-to-date photo increases the visibility of your business!


Your opening times:
Please check your opening times here. You can also enter several opening times per day.

Special opening times:
There is now also the option of entering special opening times, for instance for public holidays or leave.
This ensures your customers are always well informed.


In the third step, we ask you to enter or select additional characteristics of your business.

We have selected a few categories that you can click on. It is possible to select several groups.

Additionally, further down we offer you three free text fields.


The fourth and final step serves to check your details.
Please look through everything carefully. You can make changes on the previous pages at any time.

By clicking on Generate preview and in the second step on View preview, you can see for yourself what your search-engine-optimised website will actually look like.
This preview opens in a new browser window, which you can close afterwards without losing your progress.

With a final click on Next, you will reach the final page, which confirms that you have successfully completed the onboarding.

Clicking on the link at the top will take you directly to your website, which we will make available in the scope of the PlusTools programme within 48 hours.

Clicking on the second link will take you to the login page of the PlusTools customer portal, where you can log in using your Lekkerland customer number and the password assigned in the onboarding process.

If you are not yet a Lekkerland customer and are interested in the PlusTools programme, please click here to contact us.

There is also a guide for using the customer portal. For this, please contact your Lekkerland area sales manager or click here</>!

You can find a summarised form of this guide here!